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03 Nov 2014


Ich habe vor kurzem drei Bücher gelesen von japanischen Autoren, in schneller Folge, daß alle inspirierte Debatte über einen "steady-state society ". Sind Sie Yoshinori Hiroi Nishimatsu "Teijogata Shakai Atarashii "Yutakasa' Nr. Koso" (Steady-state Society: Ein neues Konzept der "Wohlstand" ); Ittaka Kishida "Mittsu no Junkan zu Bunmeiron keine Kagaku" (Wissenschaft der drei Zyklen und Zivilisation); und Kazuo Mizuno's "Shihonshugi no Shuen, rekishi no Kiki" (Das Ende des Kapitalismus und die Krise der Geschichte).

"Steady-state" ist wahrscheinlich ein Begriff nicht vertraut sind, viele Leser. Kurz gesagt, es bezieht sich auf eine Gesellschaft zu, in Bevölkerung und Wirtschaft haben ihre Grenzen des Wachstums und ihrer Bevölkerung...

02 Apr 2014

Koyal Wholesale does not only have a comprehensive array of items for weddings and special events, it also has an extremely user-friendly approach to helping its customers achieve their dreams and keep loving memories of them for many years to come.

Here are some of the benefits that customers derive from creating their own Koyal Wholesale account:

1.      Once a customer makes an order, he or she can track the status of the order online. This helps the customer to schedule and budget their future purchases while waiting for existing orders to arrive.

2.      Regular clients can also access their order history, that is, check whatever purchases have been made and completed in order to avoid duplications.

22 Mar 2014


A week or so ago, I watched an old sci-fi movie, circa 1958, with my wife. It featured horrible special effects and an unrealistic story line about manned missions to Mars. Of course, it was made 55 years ago, so it should come as no surprise that the science was outdated, but we also noted that on the flight back to earth, from Mars, all the meals were served by the female scientists. The women were clearly treated as equals, scientifically, but still expected to clean up after dinner and serve the men coffee.


I also recently read a Smithsonian article about Carl Sagan, in anticipation of the new Cosmos series.


It dawned on me, that Sagan spent a considerable amount of his time in an attempt to bring the study of space, as well as an...

05 Dec 2013

Controversial research which linked genetically modified (GM) corn to cancer and premature death in rats has been retracted by a food safety journal after the study’s authors refused to withdraw the paper.

The study, which was originally published by the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology 14 months ago, claimed rodents had developed tumors and experienced multiple organ failures after consuming GM corn produced by St. Louis-based Monsanto.

The study “described rats that for two years were exposed to herbicide-tainted water and fed an unlimited diet of Roundup-resistant maize, a type of corn genetically modified to resist herbicide and marketed by the agribusiness giant Monsanto,” science and...